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Emergencies and Storm Damage

Tree emergencies can occur in any season and are often the result of high winds, ice damage, or heavy rains. Spring storms bring rains that saturate the soils and heavy winds have a tendency to push large trees over. Winter storms can break large sections of trees due to the build-up of ice or snow.

When trees break off or fall onto a home, vehicle, roadway, or utility easement, it’s time to call for Dittmer Tree Service emergency tree removal. We are prepared to respond quickly to any emergency. We also can provide assistance to help you navigate the insurance claim process.

How to work with your insurance

Tree damage is dealt with pretty standardly but each policy can be a little different. Please consult your insurance company of the specifics of your policy. 

You will have to pay your deductible. This is usually between $500-$2500 so it is important to understand whether the damage actually warrants a claim or not.

The insurance generally will pay us whatever it takes within reason to get the tree off the house. Our crew is often working overtime after a major storm. If the service could save potential damage in the future it will be worth the added emergency cost to remove the tree immediately. We will discuss the pros and cons of the timing based on your specific case.

You can choose to have the debris hauled away by us or have us leave it on your property. The good thing about this is that once the debris is on the ground and out of the way for contractors it usually does not cost much more to haul it away. In extreme weather events, it may takes us several days to get all the debris off the property after bringing down the dangerous limbs or trees. We strive to help as many customers as possible during these times and we will work on making sure all of our clients get the trees off their homes as soon as possible. 

Insurance companies will allow you to move forward after getting one bid if your believe that the property is not safe with the tree or if waiting could cause greater damage to the property. Many times, the adjuster would like the tree to be taken care of before they can assess the damage to the property. 

Things we will need from you to start work : an insurance company name and claim number along with the number of your adjuster. We may require a deposit down that can be reimbursed to you by your insurance company. 

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